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Quest Atlantis is licensed from Indiana University Bloomington. It was created there at the Center for Research on Learning and Technology (CRLT), an organization dedicated to helping people find appropriate applications of technology to improve teaching and learning in diverse settings. Questions and comments about Quest Atlantis should be directed to the Quest Atlantis Reboot team by e-mailing qastaff@aw3du.com or calling (470) 333-2933.

National Science Foundation: This material is based upon work supported by the Grant #0092831.

Indiana University: This work in this project was made possible by the School of Education.

$1,839,000 Digital Media & Learning: To analyze and support efforts to expand the immersive learning environment Quest Atlantis.

Adaptable resources will provide teachers with helpful tools to differentiate instruction and prepare all students to meet the Common Core State Standards
$2.6 million to Quest Atlantis is creating video games that build proficiency in math, literacy and science.

Indiana University School of Education's Quest Atlantis Program, is developing a series of 3D virtual environments that are representations of real-world parks and historic sites. These include Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, and Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania. This 3D virtual reality game series for middle school students is made possible by a 2008 contract for $850,000 from IES' Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

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