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We are dedicated to building experiences for students that will inspire their imaginations and support collaborative learning.

We are a tight-knit team of educators, developers, and artists dedicated to expanding the learning experiences available to students, in school and out. AW3DU provides educational design and software solutions focused on making the educational content distribution process more efficient and effective for K-12 schools and homeschooling programs.

For twenty years, we have been creating and supporting classroom-ready virtual worlds, classroom managers, reporting systems and rapid content deployment tools. We have been active partners in the evolution of Quest Atlantis since its inception over 10 years ago. During that time, we have also built and supported virtual worlds for individual teachers that were adapted to each teacher’s specific needs. We've brought educational curriculum to life using today's technology quickly and simply. Over the past year, we have redesigned and upgraded most of our virtual world engine, and we can now provide any educational institution access to a secure, unlimited virtual learning environment. We are the exclusive licensees of Quest Atlantis (Indiana University Bloomington) and River City (Graduate School of Education, Harvard University).

Some of our clients, partners, and customers over the years:

Meet the Team!


Rick Noll, Founder and CEO of AW3DU, is a pioneer in 3D internet applications. He was a founder of ActiveWorlds, the company that created the very first virtual reality online world in 1994, Alphaworld, and grew to support a massive onrush of virtual explorers. Since the beginning, Rick, has focused on working with educators to build educational worlds and games. His first client in 1995 was the US National Park Service, who commissioned a virtual Yellowstone Park for educational outreach.


Carlos Dantas, CTO, has been rebuilding the Quest Atlantis platform and creating additional functionality for the past five years. His challenge has been to upgrade the technology, stabilize the platform, and create tools for all to be able to create stories within the QA environment. "He who speaks of floppy discs", is also responsible for making sure Quest Atlantis is up and running 7/24! Seriously though, Carlos also has twenty-five years of computer technology experience. He is currently responsible for the technical strategy, as well as, all other technical aspects of the online system; i.e. system design, development methodologies, implementation, deployment, testing and support; that will be used to support the project. He has held positions at MIT Lincoln Labs, Microsoft, Digital Equipment Corp, and has been an enterprise level, technical architectural consultant for major international business software development firms.


Stacey Smoyer, Lead 3D Artist
Stacey Smoyer is a very talented 3D modeler and world designer. Stacey has worked with clients to produce some of the most beautiful virtual worlds ever imagined. She breathes life into the avatars, characters, and worlds that surround our players!

Rick, Carlos, Scott, and a whole lot more of us at this years ISTE...

Some very important people that have made it possible for us to be here!


Dr. Sasha Barab, (
The principal investigator and original designer of the QA platform. Sasha is a professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University, and is Director of the Center for Games and Impact. He was a professor in the Department of Learning Sciences and Instructional Systems Technology and Director of the Center for Research on Learning and Technology at Indiana University Bloomington.


Dr. Anna Arici, (
Anna was an original cognitive scientist on the QA platform at Indiana University for over ten years. She is now the Director of Quest2Teach postion at Arizona University. Anna is designing curricula for pre-service teachers as part of the Quest2Teach project. The goal of Quest2Teach is to provide immersive experiences for future teachers to explore learning theory, build a professional identity, gain virtual practice and fluency, and have agency to make professional choices, as they play out various scenarios in a 3D narrative. As a blended curriculum, the pre-service teachers will also contribute their real world experiences via a badge-based infrastructure and network.


Dr. Adam Ingram-Goble (
Adam Ingram-Goble began his work with Quest Atlantis in 2005, Adam was the lead developer for the project at Indiana Unversity. While Adam was busy keeping everything running, he also built new features! Adam developed an innovative development interface for Quest Atlantis that provides a set of easy-to-use tools for creating new games and stories within Quest Atlantis. In September 2012, Adam joined the Center for Games and Impact as the Director of Innovations, where he helped to design and build technologies to support gaming, education, and new media journalism research.


Ellen Jameson, Learning Designer
Ellen Jameson, "Glatisant," is collaborating on learning design for Quest Atlantis Rebooted. She was a researcher, game designer, and content specialist on the original Quest Atlantis project and has been making and testing learning games for the past nine years. Ellen loves creating new opportunities for students to build and explore. She has designed and supported many missions in QA, most recently an energy conservation unit, a mathmatics base-10 numbering system unit, and teacher professional development unit. She is currently a PhD student at Trinity College Dublin researching narrative in STEM games, and was previously a Learning Specialist at Filament Games and a Visiting Research Associate at Indiana University's Center for Research on Learning and Technology.


Katherine Jameson
Katherine Jameson (
Katherine was the Art Director on the original Quest Atlantis project. Most of the illustrations, graphics, and OTAK Hub textures you see in Quest Atlantis were created by Katherine. Katherine specializes in digital artwork, and book illustrations, comics, posters, brochures, game menus and websites.


Chris Muerwald
Chris Muerwald, lead developer and architect of the 3D world platform, ActiveWorlds. Chris designed much of the functionality that makes QA possible.

And many thanks to others...(

Dr. Dan Hickey: Associate Prof and Program Coordinator, Learning Sciences Program, Indiana University

Dr Bronwyn Stuckey: Postdoctoral Research Fellow and International Liaison Quest Atlantis.

Donna Macri Stevens: Director of Implementation, Quest Atlantis (QA) Indiana University

Gord Holden: Director of Immersive Technology (HCOS)

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