“I thought it was really cool that this place, Mesa Verde, actually exists! I feel like I have already been there, and know my way around. And I think that if I ever visit Mesa Verde, I’ll already know way more about it than most people who visit it in person.” -7th grade girl

“We are learning the same things we would in class, but it’s a lot more fun than just hearing about them. We get to live that life!” - 5th grade girl

“Hey, Everybody! Everybody! We get to meet Lorisa! She is really here! She is really here in person, and we get to meet her!” - 5th grade boy, talking about a woman in the game.

“I am so pretty as an Ancient Puebloan! Check me out!” -5th grade girl, after her clothes had changed from going back in time.

Thank you so much for creating the missions for us. The Hawaii volcano mission was very colorful and some of the plants looked real! The Mkomazi National Park black rhino mission was very informational and made me think about how people treat animals. It also made me see how some people have to fight to get their food. Thank you ~ NC Middle School Student

I really liked the missions you created. In the Mkomazi rhino missions, I really liked the way you choose which way to go, tourism and agriculture. In Hawaii volcanoes missions, I liked learning how Hawaii’s culture was involved because I like learning about cultures. In the energy world mission I liked learning about the power plant and learning how it works. The missions were very interesting." Sincerely ~ NC Middle School Student

"I enjoyed the Quest Atlantis program. It was very exciting and I learned a lot. I especially liked the part in Olympic park where we had to find the parts of the dam...To me, I learned a lot more on the computer than on a piece of paper. Good job and good work!" Sincerely~ NC Middle School Student

“I love these worlds! I have spent a lot of time on it and I have loved every second of it. Today I worked on a quest in Mesa Verde and man I love it. It was awesome. I loved learning about ancient cultures and the scavenger hunt was my favorite part. Learning through the creative way the game presents my schoolwork is incredible and so fun. Even though it’s sometimes difficult, it’s fun to get past a hard part and on to something you really enjoy. It has really helped me enjoy school and the experience is always fun and exciting. All the worlds are exciting and interesting, so Mesa Verde is no exception. It is my favorite world. When you enter a world like Mesa Verde, where it’s all based off the National Park in Colorado, U.S.A., there is a lot of excitement. It’s cool to learn about a place like Mesa Verde, where you can interact with the artifacts from Mesa Verde, learn about it by interaction and see pictures from it. It’s a lot more interesting than if I were reading it from a textbook! When you’re not in a classroom, but you’re still reading a textbook, it’s not often a lot of things sink in and you don’t often remember a lot of things. But with the Mesa Verde game you learn through interaction, through challenges and problems, through seeing things with your eyes. It’s cool to see things come to life, to help the characters solve problems, to play a learning game that’s both teaching you your curriculum and is really fun. My experience with this has made me give it an A+++!” - Canadian 7th grade student

"I enjoyed doing your Quest Atlantis missions. They were interesting and fun to do. My overall favorite mission was the Volcano unit. In the Mkomazi mission, I learned even more about endangered species. How animals would think, how animals would talk, if they could talk. In the energy units, I learned how technology of today works!! In the Volcano mission, I really enjoyed the volcano mission, as stated before. It was like an island paradise, but on your computer! The characters were pretty cool. The way the goddess appeared out of the lava...Thanks again" Sincerely ~ NC Middle School Student

My fellow classmates and I would like to thank you...the missions were fun, and very realistic. For example, the Mkomazi Rhino mission was fun. I like saving the animals, and I like how you made us choose an opinion of what we should do with the money and then later it actually happens, and we saw the good and the bad parts of the choices I made. Also, I like the Energy mission. I learned a lot from that mission. The Volcano mission was fun too. I liked that we help the people save an egg before the people around could have smooshed it as they walked around the beach, and the talking bird and everything." Sincerely ~ NC Middle School Student

"Thank you for letting us play all of those wonderful missions. I really like the Rhino mission because I really like animals and a challenge. The Rhino mission was a challenge at first but then it got easy. The Volcano unit was my favorite too, I really like that one too... I hope you will have more fun missions for us. So thank you for everything again." From ~ NC Middle School Student

"The Volcano, Rhino and Energy World Quest Atlantis missions are real fun and entertaining. I liked the Volcano mission because I learned a lot and I also learned that Islands were formed from volcanoes. I like the Rhino mission because you could ride in jeeps and fly, so I could get the mission done faster. I liked the Energy world mission because I really liked that mission, and I learned so many things that I hadn’t known before. Overall this was real nice and it was nice to get a break from normal school work." Sincerely ~ NC Middle School Student

"The missions are very fun to do. I like the Volcano one the most because it’s fun to learn new things about Hawaii and helping the environment by picking trash up and helping hatching the turtles." Sincerely ~NC Middle School Student

"The missions are very interesting and entertaining. I think the missions are really cool, it looks real to me. My favorite mission is Rhino because you can learn about animals and their habitats. Also you can fly over the place. It ‘s really fun!" Sincerely ~ NC Middle School Student

"I enjoyed doing the Quest Atlantis missions that were assigned to us. It made our learning come alive rather than reading a textbook (although I think textbooks are ok too). I was fascinated to know that the people in the missions were real people. It was the first time that I’ve ever rode a jeep! The best part was the animalator and the machine that divided your money 50/50 both ways. Thank you for providing us the Q-Shack lunch. In the future, I look forward to more worldly missions." Sincerely, ~7Th grade Middle School Student in NC.

"I enjoyed all the missions that you produced in Quest Atlantis because you found a way for us to learn and have fun at the same time. One thing I liked about the mission, Mkomazi Rhino, is how we got to drive trucks and fly everywhere because it was fun." Sincerely ~ NC Student Middle School

"Thank you for creating something that we learn and also have fun with. The Hawaii Volcano and Mkomazi Rhino missions were fun and taught me a lot of stuff. In Mkomazi Rhino we learned how to take sides and make decisions. The Hawaii missions were fun. I really like saving the turtles." Sincerely ~ NC Student Middle School

"I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to try Quest Atlantis.The missions we have done were very fun and entertaining. The things I liked about the Hawaii missions were that we learned ways we can help the environment. We would be able to use those things in real life. What I like about the rhino mission is that we found ways to save endangered species. What I liked about the energy mission is that we learned many new methods to saving energy." Sincerely ~ NC Student Middle School

Quotes during an activity:

“I really liked how everything was so real. I mean, you can actually go to Mesa Verde National Park and see the exact same things and talk to the same people. I can’t really do that, at least not until someday, but I feel like I have already been there.” ~NC girl
“I thought it was really cool that this place, Mesa Verde, actually exists! I feel like I have already been there, and I know my way around. And I think that if I ever visit Mesa Verde, I’ll already know way more about it than most people who visit it in person.” ~ NC boy
“They had to do A LOT of work! I mean, every meal; there was no McDonalds or Arby’s. If they wanted to eat, they had to make it happen. And they had to work together to make anything happen” ~7th grade boy
“Wow, they had to work so hard to get through the day! They had to cope with the environment and learn how to survive with nature and with one another. I mean, how they lived…It really took an entire village!” ~5th grade boy
“Without an entire village to support you, you’d easily die because you couldn’t get food for yourself. It was too much work for one person to do it all alone. You needed to be in a group for survival.” ~5th grade boy
“Hey, we get to go back in time! This is so cool! This is so cool!” With two thumbs up and pumping the air. ~5th grade girl